Path to Zero: How NSW Can Kick the Gas Habit

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Accelerating climate change is harming lives, livelihoods and the places we cherish. These impacts will continue to worsen while we continue to burn coal, oil and gas. Fortunately, there are viable solutions and alternatives available.

This report provides one of the first pathways for eliminating gas demand in New South Wales by 2050. Following this pathway would reduce gas demand substantially. In 10 to 15 years – possibly as soon as 2030 – demand for gas would decline by an amount that is equivalent to the output of Santos’s expensive and polluting Narrabri Gas Project in the state’s Northwest under this pathway.

New South Wales can respond to the climate challenge by greatly reducing gas consumption over the next decade – and this report shows the pathway for doing so.

Key Findings

1. Gas demand within New South Wales could be 70% lower as soon as 2030, and eventually eliminated altogether, using readily-available, commercially-viable technologies. 

2. Common-sense measures to reduce gas demand in New South Wales make the expensive and polluting Narrabri Gas Project unnecessary. 

The cover of the Climate Council's report, PATH TO ZERO: How NSW can kick the gas habit

3. There is no shortage of gas anywhere in Australia, with the growing demands of a swollen gas export industry driving domestic supply issues, higher energy bills and worsening climate change. 

4. It is critically important for our economy, health and climate that every state and territory in Australia transitions away from fossil fuels like gas as quickly as possible. 

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Commissioned analysis from Northmore Gordon. Click here to access the report.