NSW backs renewable hydrogen in new strategy

13.10.21 By
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NEW SOUTH WALES is positioning itself as a leader in renewable hydrogen with today’s announcement of up to $3 billion of incentives.

The NSW Hydrogen Strategy sets ambitious targets and incentives for renewable hydrogen production.

“This ambitious strategy will enable NSW to take advantage of the countless opportunities presented by the uptake of renewable hydrogen,” said Climate Councillor and energy expert, Dr Madeline Taylor.

“Only renewable hydrogen, generated through solar and wind, can play a role in our zero emissions future. As one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world, why would we invest in any other type of hydrogen?”

NSW’s strategy also outlines the clear emissions and price benefits of renewable hydrogen over other forms of fossil-fuel hydrogen production.

This follows the NSW government’s commitment to halve emissions by 2030 and the launch of the Climate Council’s Gas Decarbonisation Roadmap.

“New South Wales can reduce its gas use by 70% as early as 2030 by supporting the electrification of households, commercial and industrial businesses.

“State and Territory governments continue to lead the way in adopting important energy policies and roadmaps to place Australia as a clean industry and global renewable hydrogen superpower,” Dr Taylor said.

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