Now the Climate Bill has passed, the hard yakka begins

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OUR FEDERAL Parliament has taken a big step forward in passing the Climate Act, clearing the way for a new era of urgent and ambitious climate action in Australia.

The Climate Council says the Climate Change Act 2022 is a welcome starting gun in the race to get emissions plummeting this decade. 

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie says: “it’s time to crack on, as the climate crisis is upon us.”

“This Act is important because it demonstrates that the majority of our Parliamentarians understand that climate action is a shared and urgent responsibility,” Ms McKenzie said. 

“Australia’s politicians are finally working together. Voters made it clear that they want to see progress, and we thank members of the ALP, the Greens and the Independents in both houses of Parliament for working together so constructively to pass this Bill. 

“For the first time ever Australia has clear, minimum climate targets enshrined in law. This will help encourage the massive private investment we need to transform our economy to net zero.  

“On its own, the Climate Change Act won’t reduce emissions – so the law should serve as a springboard for more action. It needs to be backed up by credible climate action across every sector of the economy, so we can build on this; going much further and faster this decade.

“The 2020s are the make or break decade for keeping global warming to survivable limits. Everything is at stake if we get this wrong.”

Notes to editors: Next Tuesday, the Climate Council will launch a new report Power Up: Ten Climate Gamechangers. This highly anticipated policy roadmap can accelerate Australia’s progress towards net zero. There will be a journalist briefing and dynamic website detailing the 10 game-changing things the Federal Government must do in this term to avoid the worst climate impacts. Please contact the Climate Council media team to request an embargoed copy. 

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