NEW REPORT: Federal Government Obstructing Renewable Energy Deployment

25.11.19 By
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A new Climate Council report has found the Federal Government is not only failing to lead on the transition to renewable energy, it is obstructing the rollout of renewable energy at a state and territory level.

“The Federal Government has gone out of its way to attack states that are working to increase the uptake of renewable energy,” said energy expert and Climate Councillor Greg Bourne.

“The lack of effective national energy policy has undermined investor confidence in renewable energy. New renewable supply is the best way to get down electricity prices and emissions. Without a consistent and stable policy environment the Federal government is undermining the future pipeline of Australian projects,” said Mr Bourne. 

The report, “State of Play: Renewable Energy Leaders and Losers”, also compares the states and territories and rates them on their progress transitioning to renewables. South Australia is the 2019 winner, with the ACT and Tasmania hot on its heels.

“South Australia is a global leader in transitioning to a grid with a high share of wind and solar PV energy,” said Climate Councillor and energy expert Andrew Stock.

Report Key Findings

“States and territories are driving the transition to a renewable energy future, in the face of the Federal Government’s lack of leadership. As a result, several states and territories have declared the intention to go it alone on renewable energy policy,” said Mr Bourne.

“It is time for all states and territories to create their own forums for coordination and move on without the Federal Government,” he said. 

“Climate change is hurting Australians and their calls for climate action are growing louder. We have a terrible trifecta of bushfires, heatwaves and drought and they are all being made worse by climate change,” said Mr Stock.

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