New poll: Public Speak Out On “Old Lady” Liddell

24.09.17 By
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A new poll released today by the Climate Council shows that 7 out of 10 people disagree with the Government’s stance to keep the Liddell coal-fired power station open costing nearly $1 billion.

When asked what should happen to the power station after its planned closure in 2022, 77% said public money should not be used to keep it open. The most popular solution, chosen by 59% of people was to introduce a Clean Energy Target policy to encourage new renewable energy to replace the power station.

“Australians are practical people, and given the choice of putting a billion dollar band aid on old lady Liddell, or rolling out new lower cost, clean technologies – it’s a no brainer,” said Amanda McKenzie, chief executive of the Climate Council.

Based on the fact that new coal-fired power stations are twice as costly as wind – and more expensive than solar, two thirds of Australians (66%) said coal-fired power stations should be replaced with renewables. The Climate Council poll found that anti-coal sentiment cuts across political party preferences and ages. Nearly half of Liberal voters (47%) and the vast majority (82%) of Labour voters agree: Australia’s oldest working power station must be replaced with renewable energy.

“The public has made its mind up on Liddell – and more broadly on the future energy direction of the country. Now it’s up to our elected leaders to listen and act.”

Most of the people polled (51%) said that keeping the ageing power station open would push their energy bills up. New South Wales residents, which are served by Liddell, are the most concerned, with 55% expecting energy price rises if the station remains open.

“Most of the public are now fully aware of the negative impact of ageing and new fossil fuel energy production on their hip pocket,” added Amanda McKenzie.

Most people polled (54%) say they will have to cut their household budget back – (across groceries, holidays and entertainment) if energy prices continue to rise due to investment in higher cost energy, such as coal and gas.

ReachTEL conducted the survey of 2,176 residents across Australia on during the 20th September 2017.

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