New Poll: Majority Of Australians Want A Net Zero Target

26.05.21 By
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THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is failing to meet the expectations of a growing majority of Australians who want to see immediate action on climate change and an energy policy that prioritises reducing emissions.

The findings are contained in a new Lowy Institute poll, which reveals that 78 percent of people want Australia to commit to a net zero emissions target. 

“From everyday Australians to key international partners such as the US and UK, the number of people who want Australia to do more on climate change is growing. But the Federal Government isn’t listening and continues to disappoint,” said Climate Council acting CEO Dr Martin Rice. 

“While Australians suffer through worsening bushfires, heatwaves and other extreme weather events fuelled by climate change, the Federal Government is busy funding new fossil fuel projects and fanning the flames of the crisis,” he said. 

“The Lowy Institute poll shows the majority of Australians support a ban on new coal mines. They also support incentives for buying electric vehicles and developing renewable energy technology — policies the government is ignoring in order to fund polluting fossil fuels,” said Dr Rice.

The Climate Council recently set new science-based targets for Australia. We need to reduce our emissions by 75% by 2030 based on 2005 levels, and reach net zero emissions by 2035.

“Urgent emissions reductions this decade will not only curb dangerous climate change, they will deliver many benefits ranging from lower electricity prices to secure new jobs,” said Dr Rice. 

“The Federal Government’s failure on climate action threatens the health and wellbeing of Australians as well as our prosperity. We need urgent emissions reductions and a rapid, managed transition from fossil fuels to a renewables-powered economy,” said Dr Rice. 

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