New Energy Apprenticeships: A building block for prosperity

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Federal Labor’s $100 million plan to fund apprenticeships in clean energy and clean manufacturing and a $10 million funding boost for training and education programs, if elected, are steps forward in helping Australia thrive in a global zero-emissions economy. 

“As one of the sunniest and windiest countries on Earth, Australia has everything it needs to prosper in a clean energy economy and unlock thousands of clean jobs,” said Alix Pearce, Campaigns Director, Climate Council. 

“While the rest of the world races decisively towards renewables-powered economies, the Federal Government is leaving jobs and economic opportunities on the table by refusing to act on climate change. We urgently need a plan to reduce emissions to capitalise on the job opportunities this presents,” said Ms Pearce. 

“Funding apprenticeships in sectors like clean energy and clean manufacturing will help young Australians seize emerging opportunities in the clean energy jobs marketplace, and businesses have access to highly skilled workers,” she said. 

“Support for apprenticeships in sunrise industries also offers retraining and upskilling opportunities for experienced workers, and will help protect jobs as the global economy transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy,” said Ms Pearce.  

The Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan shows how investing in low-carbon industries like renewable energy can quickly create 76,000 jobs, reboot the economy, and tackle long-term challenges like climate change.

Ms Pearce added: “Apprenticeships alone won’t guarantee job creation at the scale Australia needs. Both major parties must give business the policy certainty to establish and expand clean industries, and that means strong emissions reduction targets across sectors focused squarely on this decade.” 

“It’s also critical that this announcement is part of a bigger plan to ensure the clean economy jobs of the future are secure, good quality jobs that provide a long-term pipeline of work for Australians,” said Ms Pearce

The Climate Council recently set new science-based targets for Australia. We need to reduce our emissions by 75%  by 2030 based on 2005 levels, and reach net zero emissions by 2035.

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