Morrison Government Locking Us Into Dangerous Gas

07.05.21 By
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The Morrison Government’s latest gas plans will lock Australians into expensive power, that is polluting and harms our health. 

A few days out from the Federal budget, Energy Minister Angus Taylor has announced $58.6 million for new gas projects, and released the government’s National Gas Infrastructure Plan: Interim Report.

“The Morrison Government should not be funneling taxpayer dollars into gas, and making long-term plans around an industry that’s driving climate change. Gas is already being out-competed by clean, affordable, renewable energy,” said Climate Council Senior Researcher, Tim Baxter. 

“The Federal Government has undertaken its own modelling to create a gas shortfall that we know no longer exists. The Australian Energy Market Operator has made that clear,” said Mr Baxter.

“This is yet another attempt from the Morrison Government to prop-up its expensive and unnecessary ‘gas-fired recovery’,” he said.

“It is a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially when you consider that gas is driving up power prices, and prices for our manufacturing industries,” said Mr Baxter.

“Gas has no role to play in our economic recovery. The upcoming Federal Budget needs to focus on creating clean jobs for Australians,” he said. 

This announcement comes a day after the Climate Council released a new report, with Asthma Australia, that found gas used in the home harms people’s health, while the process of extracting gas exposes communities to hazardous substances. 

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