MEDIA RELEASE: CSIRO report shows cheap renewables solution to gas crisis

27.04.17 By
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Renewable technology is the cleanest, cheapest and fastest solution to Australia’s energy price crisis, according to the latest CSIRO report released today.

The ‘Electricity Transformation Roadmap’ finds that Australia can generate electricity with zero carbon emissions by 2050 by embracing more large-scale renewable technologies such as wind, solar and storage.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said the report further proves that Australians have the chance to access clean, affordable and secure electricity within a short timeframe, compared to the Federal Government’s proposed national gas expansion.

“It’s clear what needs to be done. Australia doesn’t have years and years to wait for the construction of multi-billion dollar gas pipelines or polluting gas stations,” she said.

“The solution to the gas crisis is cheap renewables, not locking in expensive gas for the future. Investing in gas dependence locks in expensive, polluting energy. Unfortunately ideology is getting in the way of smart policy.”

“This roadmap recommends the rollout of 25 large-scale renewable energy plants in the next 5 years to secure Australia’s energy supply. We know that this is possible within even shorter timeframes, with the Australian Capital Territory bringing three large-scale solar PV farms online in just 15 months.”

McKenzie said a stable national energy plan and strong political leadership was essential in a bid to continue Australia’s transition to a net zero carbon emission grid by 2050.

“Any gas expansion or increasing reliance on gas is simply a band-aid solution. We need consistent and strong political support to ensure our energy future remains affordable, secure and cuts Australia’s rising greenhouse gas emissions.”

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