Labor’s Climate Bill must be a springboard for action

27.07.22 By
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THE ALBANESE GOVERNMENT has today formalised Australia’s renewed climate goal with its Bill that must now act as a foundation for urgent action. 

The Climate Council welcomes the Climate Change Bill 2022 as an important first step, but is urging the Parliament to stay focussed on the urgent need for deeper emissions cuts this decade in line with the science and our international responsibilities.

Amanda McKenzie, Climate Council CEO said: “It is important that the Government has said their targets are the floor not the ceiling and can be improved overtime. But the language in the Bill should make clear that there is no obstacle to governments going faster and further.

This new legislation can act as a springboard for Australia to cut emissions and grasp the incredible opportunities that are within our reach as one of the sunniest and windiest places on the planet.  

“The Bill is an important symbol of Australia’s climate shift, but action to reduce pollution is what matters now, after almost a decade of federal inaction and delay.

“The 2020s are make or break for keeping warming to survivable limits. Everything is at stake if we get this wrong.”

Nicki Hutley, Climate Councillor and leading economist said: “This next decade must be defined by strong, game-changing climate action. The economic opportunities for a country like Australia are boundless.  

“Clean energy exports could be worth $333 billion each year, that’s almost triple the value of Australia’s existing fossil fuel exports.

“We’re already paying a high and terrifying price for our climate inaction and time wasting. You only need to look around both here and overseas at the floods, fires and food supply crises in recent weeks to see that.

“The science is clear. The federal government’s emissions reduction targets and climate action agenda will need to be strengthened significantly over time to ensure deeper emissions cuts this decade.” 

The Climate Council recommends the Albanese Government build on its climate agenda to deliver deeper emissions cuts by 2030 by: 

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