It’s official, Maurice Newman has gone completely rogue

08.05.15 By
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In a bizarre column in today’s Australian, Mr Newman said climate change was a hoax being led by the United Nations to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.

We’ve publicly called for Mr Newman to resign as business advisor to the Australian Government over his misleading comments.

His anti-science, fringe views are indistinguishable from those made by angry trolls on conspiracy theory forums and are not befitting of someone with a position of such influence.


While major financial institutions like the World Bank, HSBC and the IMF are warning about the business risks of climate change and taking clear advice from the world’s best scientists, Australian business’s top representative to government is in another orbit.

He’s not only out of step with the scientific community and the vast majority of Australians who understand the impacts of climate change but he’s also damaging Australia’s credibility by getting his information from the tin foil hat brigade rather than the world’s most respected scientific institutions.

After earlier misleading statements Climate Council members emailed the Business Advisory Council offered Mr Newman a briefing from a group of Australia’s leading climate scientists, which was refused.

He is either intentionally misleading the public or he is incapable of understanding scientific consensus, in which case he has no business advising the government.

His position is no longer tenable and he should resign.

Help us say enough is enough, share this call for resignation with as many people as possible.