Global Solar Council Launches at Paris Climate Talks

06.12.15 By
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Solar energy saw another boost today with the launch of the Global Solar Council at the Paris Climate Conference.

The Council is designed to unify the solar power sector and bring together stakeholders from business, politics, and civil society to accelerate the growth of global solar market developments.

“We will ensure rapid and wide-scale adoption of solar energy. Solar is sustainable, solar is clean and solar has arrived. Solar is poised to take a much larger role in solving climate change,” said John Smirnow, Secretary General, Global Solar Council.

The Australian Solar Council is member of the new Global Council.

“The creation of the Global Solar Council is a historic and exciting step. The Council will drive greater collaboration in solar research and greater economies of scale in manufacturing, which will drive down solar costs for Australian consumers,” said John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Council.

“Australia has the highest rate of rooftop solar use of any country in the world, with 1.4 million Australian households using solar to power their homes. This has been driven by households investing in solar to reduce their bills, control their energy, and do their bit for the environment,” said Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“Greater coordination by the solar industry world-wide will only be good news for Australian consumers. As solar has been produced at scale the price has plummeted. Accelerating solar means it will be even cheaper for households.”

“The next question for Australia will be utility-scale solar. Countries like China and the US now have large-scale PV plants producing hundreds of megawatts of power. Australia is the sunniest country in the world and we have large open land areas. Solar has significant opportunities for Australia.”

The energy sector accounts for two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy has been a crucial topic at the global climate talks in Paris. The launch comes after other major developments in renewable energy including:

“In our own region China and India have massive solar programs. Europe and the US have all embraced solar. Together, harnessing the power of solar we are taking real steps to combat dangerous climate change, improving the lives of millions in the developing world, and building strong economies in the process,” said John Grimes.