Global shift away from coal represents economic opportunity for Australia

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THE global shift to new sources of power represents new economic opportunities for Australia, the Climate Council said today.

Last night’s Four Corners episode highlighted how the global coal market is rapidly shrinking as the world turns to renewable energy.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said Australia could replace its ageing coal-fired power fleet with modern, clean renewables and shift its export industries to low-carbon primary products and minerals.

“The pollution from Australia’s coal resources alone, if developed, could take us two-thirds of the way to a two-degree rise in global temperature. There will be no market for Australia’s coal in a world that is rapidly cutting emissions.

“The world is already moving. Last week, G7 leaders signaled an end to the fossil fuel era, agreeing to decarbonize the global economy by the end of the century and the three major party leaders in the UK have signed a joint pledge to end the use of unabated coal for power generation.

“Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world, with enough renewable energy resources to power the country 500 times over. Australians have clearly shown their support for renewable energy by taking up renewables at one of the fastest rates in the world.

“There’s now a clear path for countries like Australia to grow their economies and cut carbon emissions at the same time by turbocharging the switch to renewables.

“We have a choice: seize the global renewables boom or be left behind by a world that is rapidly abandoning coal.”

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