Feds on Fire: Morrison’s comic performance on renewables

17.10.18 By
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IT’S BEEN a terrible week for the government, with a backflip on Pauline and gay students and teachers, and now Scott Morrison has had another doozy, making some startling claims about renewables.

“The Prime Minister has put his foot in it again, peddling wacky myths on renewable energy. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious” said Chief Climate Councillor, Professor Tim Flannery.

On Sky news Morrison declared “we can’t run an energy system that relies on intermittent power sources like wind and solar.”

This nonsensical nugget from our PM was then followed by another bizarre claim that renewables “are never going to be what keeps the lights on.”

“Tell that to the almost 17 countries across the globe which now generate more than 90% of their power from renewables,”said Professor Flannery.

“Then there are states like California, with the fifth largest economy in the world, which is on track to hit 50% renewable energy, predominantly wind and solar, within a few years. And it has its sights set on 100% renewable by 2045.”

“Australia’s coal and gas power stations have experienced over 100 breakdowns since December last year and yet Scott Morrison is still promoting coal, dragging a lump of it into parliament,” said Professor Flannery.

“The world is changing. More solar PV capacity was installed around the globe than coal, gas and nuclear combined last year, and 2018 is shaping up to be no different,” he said.

“Scott Morrison’s claims are wrong. There is a renewables revolution unfolding across the globe and due to federal government inaction on climate and energy, Australia is missing the boat, which has already seen us lose huge investment opportunities.” said Flannery.

“We know we cannot rely on ageing, polluting and unreliable coal to keep the lights on.”

“We know Australia can be powered by 100% renewable energy and storage.”

“Now those, are the facts.”“Let’s stop blaming the solutions and focus on fixing the problem,” said Professor Flannery.

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