Europe To Punish Australia for Lack of Climate Action

11.03.21 By
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THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT’S decision to push ahead with a carbon levy against high polluting nations like Australia underscores the urgent need for the Federal Government to adopt a credible climate policy.

Big emitting Australian businesses exporting their products to Europe are likely to face millions of dollars in new tariffs following last night’s vote in Brussels.

“Climate change is a global problem and everybody must share the load to address it. Right now, Australia is not pulling its weight and the Europeans are going to punish us for it,” said Climate Council spokesperson and economist, Nicki Hutley.

Australia is trying to negotiate a free trade deal with the European Union, but members of the European Parliament are warning they will not ratify the deal until Australia does more to reduce its emissions.

“Businesses in Europe already pay to pollute. The new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, which would come into effect in 2023, is designed to ensure that there’s a level playing field,” said Ms Hutley.

“The Morrison Government’s so-called ‘technology roadmap’ will not be enough to satisfy the Europeans. They want to see Australia adopt credible emissions reduction targets and create a plan to achieve them,” she said.

“The Federal Government must abandon the folly of a gas-led recovery, which will provide very few jobs. Neither will it address accelerating climate change,” she said.

The Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan makes it clear that Australia can create tens of thousands of jobs while simultaneously addressing climate change.

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