Five Years of Failure: Emissions Up Again

30.08.19 By
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New data reveals Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen again, just as they have every year for the past five years.

“This is another appalling report card for the Coalition government, which doesn’t seem to understand the urgency or the gravity of the situation we are facing,” said the Climate Council’s CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

“Australians are already feeling the impact of climate change with worsening extreme weather events. We’ve seen bushfires raging in NSW through the winter resulting in property loss. There’s also been no reprieve for drought afflicted areas,” said Ms McKenzie.

“Every year the Federal Government fails to act is a choice to lock in dramatic climate change which undermines our food production, undermines our water security and undermines our children’s future,” she said. 

The Department of Environment and Energy’s latest data shows that greenhouse gas emissions rose by 0.6 per cent in the year to March 2019.  

“Emissions continue to rise, largely because of gas exports,” said Climate Council Senior Researcher, Tim Baxter.

“Producing and exporting gas is driving dramatic growth in our emissions. Extracting gas releases huge amounts of emissions. Then the countries who buy our gas burn it and produce even more emissions,” said Mr Baxter.

“The solutions are available. We are the sunniest and one of the windiest countries in the world and have the potential to be a renewables powerhouse. The Federal Government must adopt a credible climate and energy policy and Australia must continue its transition to clean renewable energy and storage technologies,” he said. 

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