Cooperation between state and federal governments to bolster grid infrastructure welcomed

19.10.22 By
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The Climate Council has welcomed today’s $2.25 billion state and territory partnership to get cracking on thousands of kilometres of new energy transmission lines. 

Ahead of next week’s federal budget, the Andrews and Albanese governments have signed a significant deal to finance key enabling infrastructure for a major expansion of renewable energy.

Amanda Mckenzie, Climate Council CEO, said: “This kind of proactive, coordinated action across levels of government is exactly what’s required to build a clean grid as quickly as possible and Australians will benefit from more of it

“This new infrastructure will help rid our electricity network of coal by unlocking new renewable energy projects. That’s not just a win for our climate, it’s also a win for regional communities who have worked to power our nation for generations. 

“Australia is well on its way to being powered by renewable energy, the only question is how quickly can we get there. By 2030 we need to roll out transmission lines approximately 24 times the length of what we have now. Genuine community consultation and strong collaboration between governments is crucial to this.

“This announcement is the kind of rapid, practical action we need now to unlock Australia’s clean energy future. It stands in stark contrast with news that the federal government is also forging ahead with $1.5 billion in Morrison-era funding for the Middle Arm Petrochemicals Hub in Darwin Harbour. 

“The global scientific consensus is clear that to protect communities from ever worsening climate impacts, countries cannot approve new gas and coal projects. That’s why we need clean energy collaboration like today’s announcement along with an end to public subsidies which prop up polluting fossil fuels.” 

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