Collaboration on climate wins the day with NSW Net Zero Future Act

30.11.23 By

The Climate Council welcomes passage through NSW Parliament of the Net Zero Future Act, confirming support from all parties for positive climate action in Australia’s biggest state. 

Dr. Jennifer Rayner, Head of Advocacy at the Climate Council, said: “The Net Zero Future Act confirms the path New South Wales is on to thrive and seize the benefits of a net zero economy. 

“By setting a floor for cutting carbon pollution with a ratchet mechanism to strengthen action over time, NSW communities, businesses and investors can move forward with confidence. Clean, cheap electricity from solar and wind is already meeting a growing share of the state’s energy needs and this momentum can now accelerate.”

“The fact that all parties in the NSW Parliament have come together to back this law shows strong consensus on the benefits of cleaner energy, good new jobs and a safer future for communities across the state.

“The NSW Government and all those involved in amending and improving this bill have set a great example for other parliaments to follow on collaborative climate action. 

“Working together now to cut carbon pollution and keep communities safe from climate harm is sensible, responsible and economically smart.”  

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