Climate Council Response to the DGR Reform Discussion Paper

08.08.17 By
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The Climate Council made a submission to a Government Review that threatens to place sanctions on the services provided by charities to Australian society.

The Climate Council’s research is a key source of information for groups across society; from Emergency Services, to farmers, schools, businesses and civil society groups. The Government Review is threatening to restrict our effectiveness by forcing us to spend 25% of our funding on on-the-ground remediation work, such as tree planting and weed control.

Environmental remediation has great value, but ultimately the policy change required to solve climate change will only happen through scientifically informed policy change that engages society in the move to a low carbon economy. When it comes to us staying in step with the global effort to address climate change, planting a few trees won’t cut it.

Amanda McKenzie, Chief Executive of the Climate Council, added:

“The Government is well aware that our key strength is in providing clear, independent research to the Australian public. To ask us to disrupt our successful model in this way is a cynical, undemocratic attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of Australians on climate science.”

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