Climate Council: Gas is a threat to power prices, emissions

08.03.17 By
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Power shortages predicted to hit New South Wales and South Australia can be avoided by quickly expanding clean competitive renewable energy and storage technology, according to the Climate Council.

Climate Councillor and energy expert, Andrew Stock who oversaw construction of the last three large efficient gas plants on the east coast, called for a re-think of the merits of more gas power in transitioning Australia’s power system to zero emissions by mid 21st Century.

“While it makes sense to use our existing gas assets, much of this is now ageing, inefficient and many decades old.” he said.

“Australians are already suffering from the impact of expensive and unreliable gas power, with major bill increases this summer. AEMO’s report shows extra gas needs to come from resources that are now uneconomic., That means one thing – higher prices in future.”

It comes after the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) claimed gas could be cut to some states from 2018, due to supply shortfalls.

“We know gas is a contributor to emissions and worsening climate change. It makes more sense to accelerate investment in renewables like solar and wind, coupled with grid scale storage.

“AEMO points out these are a solution to the gas shortage. These have no fuel costs and will put downward pressure on power prices.”

“This is our critical opportunity to seriously embrace this technology. If we are investing in power for the future, it makes sense to ensure its long lasting, and has no emissions liability.”

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