Call to release hidden energy report

05.09.17 By
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Climate Council is calling for the release of a report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which the Federal Government is using to justify its most recent push to prop up coal.

Amanda McKenzie, chief executive, the Climate Council, said:

“The Government must release the report to allow for an informed debate on the future of our energy system.”

An independent report from AEMO advising on the health of the country’s power grid was expected to be published yesterday. However, the Federal Government is holding off releasing the report to the public.

The AEMO report is expected to show how Australia’s grid can remain secure in the face of long-expected coal closures. Meanwhile, the Federal Government is using the hidden report as justification to promote new, privately owned coal fired power stations as a replacement for soon-to-close legacy power plants.

The public needs to see the AEMO report, to allow for an informed debate on what makes the most sense for our future grid, taking full advantage of best available technologies, such as demand response, energy efficiency and electricity storage.

Amanda McKenzie, CEO, the Climate Council, said,

“Renewable energy can provide reliable 24 x 7 power, at the lowest cost for consumers. The reality is our fleet of coal fired power stations is aging, inefficient and will need to be retired.”

“An ideological campaign to promote coal just doesn’t stack up against the technical and economic reality. We need modern technology to support our energy system into the future.”

Amanda McKenzie, concluded:

“Just as this debate plays out again, the latest Bushfire outlook shows that Victoria and New South Wales’ could be facing an extremely damaging bushfire season, intensified as a result of worsening climate change, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, including coal. We can’t keep our heads in the sand investing in coal, it is a costly deadend.”

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