​Billion dollar boom: Queensland’s bright renewables future

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THE SUNSHINE STATE is a leader in Australia’s renewables boom, with more than $1.6 billion dollars invested in new large-scale projects, creating more than 1,300 construction jobs in the energy sector, according to a new milestone report from the Climate Council.

The Renewables Powering Queensland’s Futurereport highlights the significant potential for the state’s clean energy future, with at least 14 clean energy projects, the highest number in Australia, under construction this year alone.

Climate Councillor and energy expert, Greg Bourne said as one of the sunniest places in the world, the opportunity for Queensland to transition from ageing and polluting fossil fuel energy to a modern, renewable 21st century power system was significant.

“Queensland and renewables are a winning combination. Queensland is already one of the nation’s leaders in the uptake of household solar, with almost 32 per cent of households installing solar in their rooftops – it isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing!” he said.

“Meanwhile, Queensland’s economy is set to reap major benefits from the renewables boom, with the state home to the greatest number of large-scale renewable projects under construction in Australia.”

Key Findings Include:

The report highlights Queensland’s heavy reliance on fossil fuel energy generation from last century, showing that coal provides 73 per cent of electricity supply for the state, along with 18 per cent gas.

Bourne pointed to the importance of the global economic transition, with new Queensland renewable projects being significantly cheaper than new coal.

“A new wind farm in Queensland is half the cost of a new coal plant, new large scale solar is less than ⅔ of the cost. It is a no brainer, renewable power is cheaper, modern power and it’s better for the environment too. The serious impact of climate change has already been experienced firsthand here in Queensland, with the back-to-back mass coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Business and government in Queensland has a critical opportunity to ensure the sunshine state continues the transition to clean,affordable power in building a modern gri relying on renewable energy and storage technology.”

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