ALP Climate Policy: Holding Our Heads A Little Higher

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AUSTRALIA could hold its head a little higher on climate change policy under Labor if elected, according to the Climate Council.

“Under the current Federal Government, Australia is at the bottom of the class on climate action. Labor’s policy would lift our reputation internationally. We would still be a long way from being a high performer because we are coming off such a low base,” said the Climate Council’s CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

If elected, Labor has promised to reinstate an Australian Climate Ambassador and provide further support to our Pacific neighbours.

“We welcome news that climate change will be a priority for Labor’s international development program with a focus on some of our closest neighbours which are highly vulnerable,” said Ms McKenzie.

“Under the current Federal Government Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution has gone up and up and up while other countries are driving pollution down,” said Ms McKenzie.

“We also welcome news that Labor will not be using Kyoto carryover credits to meet its Paris targets, along with comparable nations, which have ruled out using this dodgy accounting practice that does nothing to reduce emissions,” said Ms McKenzie.

“The Coalition, on the other hand, intends to use Kyoto carryover credits. How can we say to our kids they shouldn’t cheat on a test, when the current Australian Government is effectively cheating on climate action by using carryover?”

“Using Kyoto credits would basically lower the Coalition’s target from 26 percent to 16 percent,” said Ms McKenzie.

“The difference between the two major parties on climate change is now as stark as night and day, and based on the announcements this morning, Labor will ensure Australia gets back on track, doing its fair share in tackling climate change,” she said.

“Australia is on the frontline of climate change and we are already experiencing more severe heatwaves, intense rainfall as well as longer bushfire seasons,” said Ms McKenzie.

“This policy would be a huge step forward from where we are now, but if the ALP is elected it will need to be rapidly ratcheted up to tackle the escalating climate crisis,” she said.

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