ACT races ahead on clean transport with fossil fuel phase-out

18.07.22 By
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THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY has introduced Australia’s first policy to phase out fossil fuel-powered cars setting a strong example of climate leadership for the rest of the country to follow. 

Andrew Stock, energy expert and Climate Councillor, said:

“Australia has long been stuck in the slow lane when it comes to electric transport uptake, but the ACT’s game-changing policy to phase out new fossil fuel powered cars is a welcome step forward.” 

“The ACT has set the bar for the rest of the country in reducing emissions from light passenger vehicle fleets, while also delivering lower pollution levels and a reduced reliance on expensive petrol,” said Mr Stock. 

He added: “Transport is the fastest growing source of emissions in Australia and among the top three sources of emissions (behind stationary energy and land use). Reducing emissions in the transport sector is key to delivering the urgent emissions cuts needed this decade to meet global temperature goals.”

While fuel efficiency standards—which limit the average amount of CO2 that a manufacturer’s fleet can emit—have been adopted across about 80 percent of the global light car market, they are absent in Australia. 

“Australia’s poor track record on fuel emissions and electric transport have made us a dumping ground for some of the world’s highest emitting vehicles,” said Mr Stock. 

“The Federal Government can turn this around by rapidly implementing strong fuel efficiency standards, which would incentivise manufacturers to send cleaner and zero-emissions vehicles to Australia,” he said. 

“All other Australian states and territories should step up and set similar targets to shift to an electric transport system that reduces emissions, and can be powered by affordable, homegrown renewable energy rather than imported oil,” added Mr Stock. 
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