Queensland signals plans to slash pollution, but what about Adani?

11.07.17 By
This article is more than 6 years old

QUEENSLAND is preparing to slash its pollution to net zero by 2050, under new plans released by the State Government today.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie praised the Queensland Government for its steps to cut its carbon pollution as Australia’s emissions continue to rise.

“Queensland’s planned net zero emissions target brings the state into line with the rest of the country, along with the science, while also complimenting the 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target, which is critical to tackling climate change,” she said.

McKenzie said Queensland will now join New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT in setting a net zero emissions target, saying in absence of Federal action this move is critical.

“However, setting this target comes as the Queensland and Federal Governments continue to support the development of what would be Australia’s biggest coal mine, Adani, which threatens to further drive up emissions.”

McKenzie described the Queensland Government’s plans to support the mega-mine while implementing a zero net emissions target as nonsensical, saying the move is at odds with the state’s commitment to combating worsening climate change.

“The Great Barrier Reef has already suffered its second back-to-back mass coral bleaching as a result of rising emissions driving climate change.

“We’re gambling with this priceless global asset if we persevere with any new fossil fuel developments – and there’s no room for exceptions here.”

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