Notice anything special about the last few months?

27.10.14 By
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International climate and weather experts did…

NASA has announced that the last six months were collectively the warmest middle half of the year in NASA’s records – which date back to 1880.

This isn’t the only global heat record that’s been smashed recently, as NASA, NOAA and Japan’s Meteorological Agency have all recorded soaring global temperatures.

September 2014 came at the end of a record-breaking six months: April, May, June, and August were all also the warmest of those months on record, and July came in at fourth hottest, according to NOAA.

And remember Australia’s 2013/14 record-breaking summer? Looks like we might be set for another one.

Scientists have also recently announced that this warming trend is set to continue – the world is on course for 2014 to be our hottest-ever year.