Coal a major risk to our power supply: Energy Market Operator

05.09.17 By
This article is more than 6 years old

AUSTRALIA’S ageing coal fleet has been named one of the nation’s biggest risks to the electricity grid, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

The latest AEMO report shows Australia’s reliance on ageing coal and gas generators, along with any delay in rolling out renewables, poses a significant risk to electricity supply during extended heatwaves.

The report exposes as false the Federal Government’s repeated claims that coal is reliable.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said this report highlights the urgent need to rapidly bring online sufficient new renewable energy and storage technologies in advance of the inevitable retirement of coal power stations across the country.

“This report further validates the importance of Australia’s immediate and ongoing transition to clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy and storage technology,” she said.

The AEMO report has highlighted climate change driven extreme weather events, such as extended heatwaves, as one of the biggest threats to Australia’s energy market.

McKenzie said the Finkel Review’s core recommendation cited the desperate need for a Clean Energy Target in a bid to bring on new supply and take charge of Australia’s skyrocketing power prices.

“AEMO is looking ahead to the future with this plan, but what about the Federal Government?”

“If the Federal Government rolls out a genuine Clean Energy Target, this will further cement reliability and energy security across Australia’s energy market.”

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