See you on Heartbreak Hill?

29.05.17 By
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85,000 people. 14 kilometres. And You.

The City2Surf is a well-known and much loved Sydney institution.

This year, the Climate Council is entering a team to raise money for extreme weather research.

In January, we sweltered through back to back heatwaves, making it too hot to run. In March, we endured weeks of endless rain, making it too wet and miserable to run.

These are symptoms of a bigger problem. Climate change is causing more extreme weather events. Heatwaves have become hotter, are lasting longer and occur more often. Extreme rainfall is likely to become even more intense. This means it’s becoming more difficult than ever to sweat it out.

That’s why we’re creating a team to run in this year’s City2Surf. Together, we will be raising much-needed funds to support the Climate Council’s ongoing research on extreme weather events in Australia.

Don’t worry if you can’t run! You can still join the Back of the Pack and walk the course, or sponsor our team instead.

Will you join the Climate Council’s City2Surf Team and commit to fundraising $500 for our extreme weather research from your friends and family?

Whether it’s your local soccer game down at the park or professionals hitting it out at the Australian Open, together we can protect the future of sport as we know it.

Bring your kids, neighbours and friends and join in the world’s largest fun-run.

See you on August 13!

P.S. Can’t join us at the City to Surf? Did you know that there are many other ways you can raise money for the Climate Council.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to secure your ticket once you’ve joined our team.

Image Credit: “City2Surf Tilt Shift” by Flickr user MR FOOJI licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0