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Australia will be in the global spotlight when nearly 200 nations, many world leaders and thousands of delegates descend on Egypt for COP27, the annual UN Climate Change Conference . 

The stakes are higher than ever before: From Lismore to Lahore, people all over the world are suffering through the brutal consequences of inaction on climate change, with worsening droughts, heatwaves, megafires and unprecedented flooding (1). 

These are unnatural disasters, driven by the burning of fossil fuels. 

We’re calling on the Australian Government to match its promises with swift and meaningful action at COP27 – and you can too, by writing and sending your postcard to Egypt today. 

We are living in an era of uncertainty – and this year’s UN climate summit is taking place during escalating climate, food and energy crises. Australia is one of the world’s largest fossil fuel exporters, and has a critical role to play in ending the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.  COP27 is a golden opportunity to show the world that we mean business. 

Together, we can demonstrate there’s strong support at home for Australia to rebuild trust, goodwill and global cooperation, with concrete steps to reduce emissions and help all countries to prepare, respond and recover from climate disasters. 

Send a message to the Federal Government at COP27 and show them that the people of Australia support meaningful climate action. 

At COP27, we’re calling on the Australian Federal Government to:

At COP27, we’re calling on the Australian Federal Government to:


Australia is fuelling the climate crisis. We’re a leading exporter of coal and gas and all told, one of the largest global contributors to climate change.

We can change. By becoming a renewable superpower, and seizing the opportunity to provide clean energy resources to the world, Australia can strengthen its economic and national security.


  1. Fill out the form with your details, including name, postcode and email address
  2. Write a strong message to Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen, and the Australian Government outlining the number one thing you want them to see, hear, or do at COP27 
  3. Hit submit and share this action with your friends and family! 


All the way to Egypt! We’ll take your postcard, message and name with us as we head to COP27 in Egypt, and attempt to hand them directly to Australian leaders and decision-makers at COP27.

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