Right now we have an opportunity to craft the future we want to see for Australia. 

We can rebuild our economy with clean energy solutions – getting people back to work by ramping up projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience, that create jobs and drive down emissions.

As our leaders meet to plan our economic response to COVID-19, the decisions made today will greatly determine the kind of world we live in tomorrow. 

It’s time to forge a better path for Australia. We deserve a clean energy-led recovery and a fairer, cleaner stronger economy. 

We must start building a better future today.

I agree, Australia’s economic recovery plan should invest in climate solutions.

This challenge presents us with an opportunity to build Australia into a climate solutions superpower, because it’s possible to address the economic and climate crises, together.


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Australians deserve a strong economy that puts its people at its heart, and the liveable future that a renewables-led recovery can create.

But we must start building it today.

I agree, any economic recovery plan must include climate solutions.