10 people who care about climate change more than your average politician

17.08.15 By
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Sometimes the political inertia on climate change can leave you feeling like all sides of politics have lost touch. But if you look beyond politics – there’s been powerful leadership on climate change for years, and it’s seriously ramping up right now. From religious leaders, to UN negotiators, actors to musicians – everyone is talking about getting on with the solutions.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from inspiring leaders around the world:

1. Desmond Tutu

Tough social justice issues are nothing new to South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who was a leading opponent of apartheid in the 1980s. Now he’s turned his sights towards rising emissions, and nothing will get in his way.

2. The Dalai Lama

When it comes to inspiring people about climate change with hope and passion – no one does it better than the Dalai Lama. On multiple occasions His Holiness has encouraged the world around him to care more for the planet, and each other.

3. Pope Francis

Just weeks ago, the Pope released a 184-page encyclical urging the world to take action on climate change. His words have created a media storm, inspiring millions of people around the world – not just Catholics – to be more vocal on climate change. It even caused 60 US mayors to pledge to reduce their city emissions in the coming years!

4. Malala Yousafzai

Leading up to the major Paris climate negotiations later this year, world-renowned human rights advocate, Malala, wrote a powerful letter to world leaders. Her key message: “Do Better”. You can read her full letter here.

5. Cameron Diaz

This American film-star was a key ambassador of the Live Earth campaign, and has been trained in talking about climate change as part of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Ever since, she’s been using her movie-star platform to urge everyone do their bit to tackle climate change, saying that “everybody has the power to make changes, no matter where they’re at or where they fall. And every change makes a difference.”

6. Edward Norton


Even The Hulk is on board with renewable energy!

7. Thomas Eddison

When it comes to generating electricity, Edison (1847-1931) figured out the best way to go years before our political leaders were even born. Way ahead of his time, he was clearly a huge fan of renewables!

8. Christiana Figueres


Executive Secretary of the United Nations Frameworks Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres is one of the most powerful leaders when it comes tackling global warming. She’s an important leader on the road to this year’s Paris negotiations and she knows this is going to take more than just politicians in suits sitting around tables – she wants everyone to join the fight.

9. Leo Di Caprio

When you’ve got some serious celebrity status, and you’re ready to drop a powerful speech on climate change – why not do it in front of the United Nations? That’s exactly what Leo did last September at an emergency climate change summit in New York.

10. Prince Charles

Earlier this year the Prince of Wales took a stand on climate change when he announced he was divesting all of his financial holdings from fossil fuels. Furthermore, he’s frequently using his voice to passionately campaign for a rapid global response to global warming.

No matter who you are, speaking out on climate change is important. Let’s continue the conversation about the solutions – share this article with your friends today to give them a shot of inspiration.