This isn’t the seasonal outlook we were hoping for…

24.11.14 By
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Australia is a fire prone country and has always experienced bushfires, but climate change is making hot days hotter, and heatwaves longer and more frequent, and seeing increasing drought conditions in Australia’s southeast. For example:

These hotter, drier conditions are increasing the risk of high fire danger weather as demonstrated by heightened bushfire risk outlooks in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in 2014.

For the first time ever, the Bushfire and Natural Hazard CRC (Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre) has reassessed and rereleased its bushfire seasonal outlook for the 2014-15 bushfire season just three months after its initial release. More parts of south eastern Australia are now expected to experience above normal fire conditions. This is a result of unseasonable hot, dry conditions in Australia’s southeast.



The bushfire outlook map has also been redrawn to cover a wider geographical area in the south of Australia.

Read on to learn about the particular risks of increasing bushfire threat in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Bushfire threat in Victoria (Higher risk, wider area)





Bushfire threat in South Australia (higher risk, much earlier than usual)





Bushfire threat in Tasmania