Third-driest September on record in Australia as global records tumble again

21.10.15 By
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AUSTRALIA has had its third-driest September since records began, new data has shown.

New data released overnight by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reveal last month was the hottest September on record and the fifth consecutive month in 2015 to break its monthly temperature record.

So far, 2015 has been hotter than any comparable period that has been measured since records began in 1880 and September’s temperature was also the greatest rise above average for any month in the 136-year historical period.

Australia recorded its third-driest September in 135 years and regionally, Western Australia, Victoria, Murray-Darling Basin and Tasmania all had a top 10 dry September.

“2015 will almost certainly be the warmest year in the warmest decade in the warmest multi-decade period since records began,” Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said.

“A hotter, drier Australia has implications for all of us: threatening water supplies for cities and agriculture, undermining food growing and affecting people’s health.”

New data released today showing climate change could cause ten times as much damage to the global economy as previously estimated was another urgent call to action, Ms McKenzie said.

“Economies perform much worse in high heat and this research underscores why a healthy climate is the bedrock of a healthy economy,” she said.

“The Australian Government lags behind the rest of the world on climate action. This latest temperature data underscores how important it is that the Australia accelerate the transition from polluting energy sources like coal and gas and move to renewable energy resources.”

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