Paris Agreement to continue with or without United States

18.09.17 By
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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL has welcomed the United State’s potential revisiting of the historic international Paris Climate Agreement, but has warned the global community will not bend the accord’s conditions.

The Trump Administration has flagged the potential move to stay with the global accord, with hopes of modifying the conditions.

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie said the change of heart is unlikely to lead to a re-negotiation of the treaty.

“The Paris Agreement will not be watered down, after it was carefully negotiated and committed to by 195 nations. The global community is committed to tackling climate change and limiting global warming to 2 degrees – we cannot afford to change course now to offer special treatment to the United States,” she said.

The potential backflip comes after the United States and the Caribbean suffered the deadly and devastating impact of climate change driven extreme weather events, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

“Whether the United States stays or goes, the global community will continue its commitment to tackle climate change.”

McKenzie called on Australia to also step up, urging the Federal Government to do its fair share after ratifying the Paris Agreement, as pollution levels continue to rise.

“The Federal Government remains stuck in limbo over its energy and climate policy. And just like the United States – there’s not room for special treatment for Australia either.

“There’s no stopping the global tidal wave of investment in clean energy underway around the world. There is no denying the economics, renewables are cheaper than new coal and continue to drop in cost.

“The future is renewable power regardless of the US and Australia isolating itself from global action.”

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