New data showing jump in emissions likely to intensify international pressure

05.07.15 By
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NEW data that shows electricity emissions have gone up since the repeal of the carbon price is likely to intensify international pressure on Australia in the lead-up to international climate talks in Paris, the Climate Council said today.

Analysis by consultants Pitt & Sherry found carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity grid jumped 6.4 million tonnes in the financial year following the removal of the carbon price.

The 4.3 per cent increase undid part of an 11 per cent fall in emissions across the grid in the two years the carbon price was in place and was driven by an increase in the burning of brown coal.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said the surge in electricity emissions came as some of Australia’s major trading partners were pledging to limit their coal use.

“The eyes of the world are on Australia as the world awaits the release of Australia’s post 2020 targets,” she said.

“Some of Australia’s biggest trading partners such as the US and China have already expressed doubt about Australia’s domestic climate policies and whether it is doing enough to contribute the worldwide effort to tackle climate change.

“The news that emissions have gone up in Australia will do little to counter the impression that Australia is acting as a ‘free rider’ on the back of other countries’ efforts.”

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