Gas Driving Massive Increase in Fugitive Emissions

24.02.20 By
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The Federal Government’s latest greenhouse gas emissions data reveals that in the year to September 2019, fugitive emissions increased by a massive 6 per cent, driven by the expansion of the gas industry. 

“These fugitive emissions were deliberately released in the process of producing gas,” said the Climate Council’s CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“Gas is expensive and polluting. Burning gas makes climate change worse, exacerbating the risk of future extreme heat and fires. The Federal Government’s promotion of this fossil fuel means we are likely to be slowing down the introduction of renewable energy,” said Ms McKenzie.

The latest quarterly data shows that emissions have barely changed in the year to September 2019, down by just 0.5 per cent. 

“The primary reason overall emissions have flatlined is due to floods in Queensland in early 2019 and the devastating drought. Both led to a significant loss of livestock,” she said.

“The Morrison Government has a duty of care to keep Australians safe and yet it is failing to act on climate change,” said Ms McKenzie.

“We’ve just had an appalling summer with climate change driving the severity of the bushfires. Australians are suffering and our government is dithering,” she said.

“We must urgently reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we are to deal with accelerating climate change.  Australia is the sunniest and one of the windiest countries in the world. We have the answers – renewable energy and storage. We desperately need political leadership,” she said.  

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