Climate science under attack? We’re still fighting back

07.10.16 By
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What do all of these false and dangerous statements have in common?






They’re all positions taken or supported by our own government or their advisors, since Tony Abbott abolished the Climate Commission as his first act as Prime Minister.

Fortunately, they’re also moments when the Climate Council was able to fight back – as you can see in our latest video:

Think fighting misinformation and defending climate science is important? Help us keep up the fight:


Thanks to your support over the last three years, we’ve been able to reach millions of Australians with the facts.

The Climate Council is the largest single media voice on climate change in Australia. We achieve more coverage than the next four organisations combined. Our information and commentary has appeared in the media over 20,000 times, reaching a staggering 280 million people – or the equivalent of buying over $57 million in paid ads.

This work, entirely crowdfunded by Australians, has been referenced by NASA, Australia’s Parliament, global press including The New York Times and the BBC – and it’s amplified the voices of countless others from farmers to renewable energy advocates. This year alone we’ve reached 75,287,137 people on social media; and we’ve produced 64 publications across extreme weather, renewables, fossil fuels and international action.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of keeping a strong independent voice on science and solutions in the public debate, so thank you.

Our impact is real. The latest polling shows that public support for climate action is at its highest level since 2013.

But, as the unprecedented attacks on renewable energy in the last week show, our work is far from over. Can you chip in to ensure the consequences of climate change – and the solutions – are at the top of the agenda?