Climate change driving Queensland fires

30.11.18 By
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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is today releasing new information to inform Australians about what’s driving the catastrophic fires currently burning across large parts of Queensland.

“We will publish a report early next year about bushfires in Queensland, but given what’s happening right now we believe it’s important to release our interim conclusions.  The Australian public needs and deserves this information,” said the Climate Council’s CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

One of the report authors is the former Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, Greg Mullins. He is also a Climate Councillor.  

“The fires currently burning across Queensland are catching people who have been in the emergency services for decades by surprise,” said Mr Mullins.

“There used to be a clear pattern and time frame to fires across Australia. That’s now been blown away and we know this is being driven by climate change,” he said.

“Climate change means our fire seasons are becoming longer and more severe and that’s stretching the resources of our authorities,” said Mr Mullins.

“Climate change is driving the current fires in Queensland and it is going to mean future fires are more intense and longer lasting. That is why we need to rapidly and deeply reduce our greenhouse gas pollution,” said Ms McKenzie.

Click here to access the Climate Council’s Escalating Queensland Bushfire Threat: Interim Conclusions.

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