Call on Maurice Newman to accept a briefing from the nation’s top climate scientists

27.08.14 By
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Earlier today Chief Climate Councillor Tim Flannery challenged the PM’s controversial top business advisor Maurice Newman to get his facts straight.

Yesterday Newman released a bizarre, inaccurate statement arguing the world is cooling.

We cannot tolerate deliberate misinformation from people in such influential positions. Today we called for Newman to meet with a group of Australia’s top climate scientists immediately. Newman’s position is untenable if he will not respect scientific expertise and facts.

It’s time to hold Maurice Newman to account.

Can you support this important challenge by sending the email below calling for Newman to meet with the nation’s top experts?


Here’s a suggested email that you can add your name and comments to and forward on to Newman’s Business Advisory Council:

Dear Mr Maurice Newman AC,

Given your position of authority and influence you have a particular responsibility to respect expertise and educate yourself on the facts about climate change.

Your recent opinions published in the media are contrary to the findings of every major scientific and meteorological body on the planet, and ignore the reality that the Earth is getting hotter.

The Australian public simply cannot have confidence in your role if you display such little regard for scientific fact.

I urge you to accept Professor Tim Flannery’s offer for the Business Advisory Council to be briefed by a group of our nation’s top scientists on climate change and business risk.