Climate Council is inviting all members of the Australian community to sign our open letter calling for zero-interest loans to electrify households and help them get off gas – for good. 

If you think governments should support Aussie households to go electric, add your name now.

There is an urgent need for governments across Australia to develop practical policies to drive down our national emissions. While each household individually does not produce a lot of carbon pollution, collectively they make a big contribution to climate change, especially through the use of inefficient and polluting gas appliances.

Up-front costs are the biggest barrier to Aussie households replacing gas appliances with clean and cheap electric alternatives, and making their homes more energy efficient. By providing zero-interest loans, governments at all levels can support Australians to make the switch, and ensure everyone – including renters, and those with lower incomes – can immediately start enjoying the cost and health benefits of getting off gas and living in clean, energy-efficient homes.

Sign your name to the open letter now, in support for zero-interest loans to help Australians quit gas – for good. 

NOTE: If you’re a resident of Tasmania or the ACT, your government is already rolling out zero or low interest loans for clean energy upgrades. You can still add your name to the open letter, and call for these programs to be rolled out nationally. Or, for more information on how to apply for a loan in your state, check out the ACT’s Sustainable Household Loans Scheme or Tasmania’s Energy Saver Loans Scheme.

Read the open letter below: