A Gift to Power a Bright Future

The Climate Council is a courageous catalyst propelling Australia towards bold, effective action to tackle the climate crisis. 

Our community is passionate about creating a bright, clean, safe and sustainable Australia for generations to come. Together over the last several years, we have stood shoulder to shoulder with a common goal. But we need to dig even deeper over the next decade and beyond, to propel this momentum.

Thanks to our supporters and founding friends, the Climate Council has built a reputation as a trusted and go-to authority on climate change. Since 2013 we have been working together to achieve our vision for Australia’s future. Recent bushfires, unimaginable in scale and ferocity, backbreaking drought and unexpected flooding have had a huge impact on our country, communities and wildlife. These extreme weather events are what scientists have been warning us about – the impacts of climate change are well and truly here. The decisions/actions we take over the coming decades are crucial and we need your help.

Your will is powerful. It helps to ensure that your values live on.

Image of reef with text: Creating a climate action legacy. Powering a bright and renewable Australia for generations to come.

Write your Will online for free with Gathered Here

The Climate Council has partnered with Gathered Here, a free and easy, step-by-step online will writing service. It can take less than 10 minutes to have an incredible impact on the future of climate action in Australia.

Organising your will is one of the most important things you will ever do. It will protect your family and loved ones and ensures that your estate is divided the way you intend. Adding a charitable gift in your will won’t impact your wealth during your lifetime, but it will have a huge impact for future generations. Whether your gift is large or small, it has the power to effect real change.

By leaving a gift in your will to the Climate Council, you can play a vital role in Australia’s energy and climate future.

Our community’s incredible support means we remain independent and funded almost entirely by individual donors. Leaving a lasting legacy in your will, supports the future of Australia’s independent voice for climate science, helping to create a bright, clean-energy future, for your family, friends and loved ones.

Thank you for considering a gift in your will; a climate legacy that will support future generations, and allow your voice to live on.

Please fill in the form to let us know if you have left a gift in your will to the Climate Council. Or if you would like to receive additional information about how your will can help support independent climate science.

By advising us of your intentions, we will be able to better plan our long term campaigns, and continue to work for climate action.

We appreciate that including a charitable gift to the Climate Council is a very personal decision and we will respect your privacy at all times. You can also contact our Gifts in Wills Coordinator directly by emailing legacy@climatecouncil.org.au or calling (02) 9356 8531.

Please include your name and contact details, including your phone number, if you would like a return phone call.

Additional Resources

Annual Report

The Climate Council’s Annual Report outlines our strategic projects and interventions and the impact of independent climate science.

Information for Solicitors

This document contains the Climate Council’s charity details and example wording to include in your will.

Climate Council Annual Report cover image
Information for Solicitors

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