Many people join the Climate Council community because we are deeply concerned about the kind of future we are leaving for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

A Gift to Power a Bright Future

The Climate Council community are passionate about a bright, clean, safe and sustainable Australia for generations to come.

Thanks to our supporters and founding friends, the Climate Council has built a reputation as a trusted and go-to authority on climate change. Since 2013 we have been working to achieve our vision of a bright, sustainable and clean-energy powered future.

The Climate Council has a clear vision for the future to raise the bar even higher and work towards reaching new and diverse audiences, ramping up local action and demonstrating that a clean, renewable-powered future is not only possible but is already underway.

By leaving a gift in your will to the Climate Council, you can play a vital role in Australia’s energy and climate future.

Our community’s incredible support means we remain independent and funded almost entirely by individual donors. Leaving a lasting legacy in your will ensures the Climate Council will power on with climate action.

If supporting action on climate change is important to you, you can find out more about the impact of a gift in your will here.

Making Climate Action a part of your Legacy

For more information on leaving a gift in your will to the Climate Council, or if you would like a hard copy of our Gifts in Wills Information Pack mailed to you, please call us on (02) 9356 8505 or email [email protected]

Information for Solicitors

Information for Solicitors

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