Five incredible photos of wild places that tell the story of climate change.

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1. Mendoza, Argentina

A young girl plays in the dry Potrerillos dam, which at this time of year should be covered by meltwater from the Andes. The city of Mendoza in Argentina is suffering a water crisis for the fifth straight year due to the lack of snow in the surrounding mountains. Photo by Claudio Gutiérrez for @everydayclimatechange

2. Tebunginako Village, Kiribati

Mike Parikeao, 32, climbs a dead coconut tree in Tebunginako village, Kiribati. Rising sea levels, erosion and saltwater inundation mean most of the village’s residents have had to relocate their houses. Photo by Vlad Sokhin for @everydayclimatechange

3. Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Rainforests are the world’s lungs and crucial for storing excess carbon. Here, rainforest is cleared to make way for plantations to produce pulp paper in southern Sumatra province, Indonesia. Photograph by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert for EverydayClimateChange

4. Tibetan Plateau, Tibet

Children pose for a picture in front of a Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau. Global warming is rapidly melting glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau, water source for many of the region’s rivers. Photo by Bernardo De Niz for for EverydayClimateChange

5. Shapotou, Ningxia, China.

Workers dig a trough for a water line, part of a massive project to reclaim a parcel of sand desert near Shapotou, Ningxia, China. Although desertification in China began centuries ago, climate change is increasingly a major factor. Photo by James Whitlow-Delano for Every Day Climate Change.

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