Fingerprints of climate change all over Tropical Storm Harvey

30.08.17 By
This article is more than 6 years old

CLIMATE CHANGE is driving and influencing extreme weather events around the globe, including Tropical Storm Harvey, the Climate Council said today.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said climate change is driving increasing intense storms, including Tropical Storm Harvey.

“Climate change is now super-charging extreme weather events including storms, bushfires, heavy rainfall and floods,” she said.

“This is occurring in a more energetic climate system, that’s warmer and loaded up with more moisture than ever before. “

“The fingerprints of climate change are all over Harvey. This is a window into our future, if we don’t rapidly reduce our pollution levels now, we can expect worsening extreme weather events.”

McKenzie said in order to protect Australians from worsening extreme weather events, rapid action must take place in order to tackle climate change.

“Sadly, Federal climate and energy policy is missing in action, at a time when we are desperate for leadership in order to tackle climate change,” she said.

“Australia must rapidly transition to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technologies.”