Climate Council Celebrates Science

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The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate communications organisation. We provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions based on the latest science.

Educating Future Generations

This year, the Climate Council is celebrating National Science Week by sharing kid-friendly resources from our peer-reviewed reports with educators, in a bid to help young Australians understand climate change and what people can do to help. We’ve created and curated a collection targeted at both primary and secondary students, all of which you can find at the bottom of this article.

It is vital that teachers, parents, school communities and the education sector are armed with the tools to educate future generations on the impacts of climate change and solutions, including renewable energy and energy storage, extreme weather events and health impacts, along with coral bleaching. Our National Science Week Pack aims to encompass all of these topics by utilizing fun and simple videos and infographics based on the best science available.

SHOW so they KNOW

We invite you to share these resources with your colleagues, classrooms, families and friends. They all fall under creative commons licencing which means they are free to be shared online, printed and used in any setting – even a feature on your fridge would be just fine with us! Any or all of these will make a difference and aid in educating future generations on the biggest, most pressing issue of our time.

Example Resources

Climate Change for Kids Animation

Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef

Energy Storage Technology

Renewable Energy Explained (click here for printable version)


What is Coral Bleaching? (click here for printable version)


How could Climate Change Affect me and my Family? (click here for printable version)


Something you want covered?

Feel free to check out our Science Week Resources Pack, it contains links to high-resolution printable infographics and videos. If you are an educator and would like to get in touch with us with a specific curriculum topic, we may have already covered it in one of our reports. Please feel free to contact us via

Want more? Check out our resources page: