Climate Change Authority Special Review: Minority Report

05.09.16 By
This article is more than 7 years old

Last week, the Climate Change Authority (CCA) published its report on how Australia should deliver on its international climate commitments.

The Climate Council criticised the report for accepting Australia’s current 2030 emissions reduction targets – rather than the action required to limit global warming to less than two degrees – as the basis for its recommendations.

Today, two Climate Change Authority members – climate scientist Prof. David Karoly and economist Prof. Clive Hamilton – have published a minority report in response to what they say are major flaws in the CCA report.


For more on Prof. Karoly and Prof. Hamilton’s response to the CCA report, you can read their media release here.

It’s clear that a strong, independent voice for science is more important than ever. If you believe the public deserve to hear the facts, then please help fund the Climate Council’s ongoing work.