Australia worst among G20 on climate action: new report

04.09.16 By
This article is more than 7 years old

Australia is the only country to receive a rating of “very poor” in a majority of categories in a new G20 Climate Performance Scorecard from Climate Transparency.

The scorecard, released ahead of the G20 summit in China this weekend, provides a comprehensive assessment of climate action in each G20 member country – across categories including emissions, carbon intensity, share of renewables and climate policy.

Australia gets the lowest ranking of “very poor” in four categories, and “poor” in the remaining three categories – the worst performance out of all the G20 members:

Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets (otherwise known as its INDC: intended nationally determined contribution) were given the worst possible rating of “inadequate”.

Climate Transparency further commented on Australia’s INDC: “if all governments showed similar low ambition, global average warming would likely exceed 3-4°C.”

You can read the full report Brown to Green – Assessing the G20 Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy here and the country profile of Australia here.

Header image credit: Pixabay