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Climate change is accelerating faster than previously thought. Impacts are hitting harder, and will be felt more widely (1).

But the faster we can cut emissions, the more climate damage we can avoid. Our emissions reduction target for 2030 is far weaker than our strategic allies (2), and we risk missing out on the jobs and economic benefits that climate action will bring. 

Together, we have a chance to change this. Can you read and sign the petition below to join thousands of Australians pushing for a stronger 2030 target, and share it with your networks to grow this campaign?

The Climate Council is calling on the Federal Government to listen to the science and develop a whole-of-economy plan to triple Australia’s climate efforts. We must get our greenhouse gas emissions down by 75% in the next ten years, and we must start now. 

It’s ambitious, but achievable, and Australia already has the solutions available to make this happen.

If you agree that the Federal Government needs to do more now to cut emissions and combat climate change – sign and share this petition today. 

As a first step, Australia must at least match the updated commitments from our key allies, and pledge to at least halve our emissions by 2030, and reach net zero no later than 2035.

If we can demonstrate the sheer number of Australians who support stronger emissions reduction targets, we can push the Federal Government to ramp up climate action this decade. 

Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world, with the right skills and expertise to create tens of thousands of jobs in a low carbon economy.

This is an urgent call to arms. If you agree that Australia should aim higher and go faster, please sign and share this petition today.


(1) Aim High, Go Fast: Why emissions need to plummet this decade, Climate Council, April 21
(2) Spot the Difference: as world leaders rose to the occasion at the Biden climate summit, Morrison faltered, The Conversation, 23 April 21


What is the Climate Council’s position on a possible net zero by 2050 target?

Net zero targets mean little without a concrete plan to cut emissions this decade.

Any such announcement would be long overdue, and Australia would still need to play catch up – all states and territories have already committed to net zero by 2050, and over 100 countries have set, or are considering a net zero target by then.

All of our strategic allies, and major trading partners are focused on emission cuts this decade; and Australia is rapidly being left behind. We need to make up for lost time.

What sort of 2030 target would the Climate Council support?

Our science-backed goal is for Australia to cut emissions 75% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2035. A target of 50% by 2030 would align Australia with its key allies – and would be a step in the right direction.

Campaign updated 6 Oct 21

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