The Climate Council’s latest extreme weather report, Hitting Home: The Compounding Costs of Climate Inaction demonstrates that extreme weather has cost the Australian economy more than $35 billion in the last decade, a figure that has more than doubled since the 1970s.

This report demonstrates that 2019-20 was the most intense period yet for climate change-fuelled extreme weather, in Australia and around the world. It showcases the rising costs of extreme weather on our lives, health, livelihoods, ecosystems and economy, to focus media and public pressure on politicians who have failed to act urgently to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Below is a summary of the media impact we achieved, including more details about the findings of the report, and how key Federal MPs have responded. 

And, if you haven’t already,  click here to email a copy of Hitting Home: Compounding Costs of Climate Inaction to your Federal MP.

ABC News 24 interview with Climate Council Researcher Dr Simon Bradshaw

SBS World News coverage, featuring Climate Councillor Professor Will Steffen.

Will Steffen featuring on the ABC 7:30 Report

Will Steffen interview with Laura Tingle on ABC 7:30 report