Looking for an adventure?

Our Adventure Expeditions are a unique way to broaden your involvement with the Climate Council. Our trips offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to some of Australia’s most spectacular environments with other like-minded, passionate supporters and Climate Councillors. Along the way, you’ll learn from experts about the impacts of climate change on the local environment and what the solutions are.

You’ll also be directly supporting the work of the Council by raising much needed funds for the Climate Council as well as awareness for climate change action.

Tassie Trek for Climate Action 2021

In March and May 2021, Professor Will Steffen and Professor Lesley Hughes led two teams of passionate supporters on a trek in Tasmania’s Tarkine. The teams raised over $145,000 for the Climate Council’s extreme weather work and our project, Emergency Leaders for Climate Action (ELCA). For more information on what the treks involved, head here.

Professor Will Steffen’s Tassie Trek team atop Mount Donaldson.

Read Professor Will Steffen’s Tassie Trek Blog


Helen – Kimberley Expedition 2015 participant

It’s always great to be invited anywhere, but to be invited to go on an adventure into the remote Kimberley and spend time with Tim Flannery and other knowledgeable committed environmental guardians is simply magical. In my sixties I don’t get many direct challenges. I decided it was an offer too good to refuse. It was a great chance to see and learn more.

I felt really challenged by the idea of trekking, but the tour was so well organised and flexible –and our guides so helpful and considerate – that I managed really well. The trip was also a great motivator for increasing my fitness level in preparation – I definitely need motivating!

The fundraising challenge really scared me at first, but it strengthened and deepened my relationships with people around me. I discovered very many people – family, friends and friends of friends – were very happy to support my efforts. So that was a very rewarding part of the exercise. Another adventure I had never expected to have.

Now I have new friends from the trip too – like-minded people but with a wide range of different perspectives on the natural world. There is a special bond after a shared adventure.

Harley – Kimberley Expedition 2015 & 2016 participant

Our time away truly reinforced what a special part of the world we’re so lucky to have in our own backyard. It also emphasised the importance of our current generation’s responsibility in ensuring its protection!

We had amazing contact time with Tim who shared of himself so warmly to all.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated meeting the group. Spending 10 days together with such an outstanding group of people working to support the Climate Council on the greatest dilemma of our time – climate change – was a fantastic experience. These trips were absolutely up there amongst the most outstanding trips I have ever experienced in my life, it was a magic experience to share.

Get Involved

We are currently planning our next Climate Council fundraising trip. Please register your interest to be involved in any future trips that the Climate Council runs and we will be in touch with you.

Email us at community@climatecouncil.org.au or call (02) 9356 8528 between 9am and 5pm AEDT.