Climate change, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is one of the biggest threats Australia’s natural environment faces.

But our national environment law doesn’t directly address climate change, so it isn’t protecting our unique wildlife, iconic species and treasured natural places from climate harm.

We need the Albanese Government to #CleanUpTheAct, and create a strong national environment law that genuinely protects communities and nature.

Can you get in touch with your Member of Parliament today, and urge them to get on with fixing our national environment law?

Learn more about why we need to fix our national environment law by reading our explainer here.

Start a Conversation with your MP today:

Your local member is there to listen to your views, understand your perspective, and represent you in Parliament. When they hear from you, and lots of members in your community about an issue, they are more likely to act. So we need to raise our voices together, and loudly call on the Albanese Government to fix our national environment law so that it directly addresses climate change.

We’ve put together some top tips and a conversation guide to help you easily have effective conversations with your MP, as well as a handy tool to help you send your email!

What you could include in your call or email:

Our natural environment is our home – it’s precious, and essential to our lives

From the world’s oldest forests to its largest coral reef system, Australia is home to some of the most remarkable ecosystems on Earth. Millions of unique plants, insects and animals live within these special places, and many are found nowhere else on the
planet. Our environment is also our life-support system, providing everything – from clean air and drinking water, to breathtaking places for work, rest, and relaxation – that is essential for our health, wellbeing, economy and social connections.

Climate change, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is one of the biggest threats our natural environment faces.

Extreme weather events like floods and fires are now happening more often, and are being supercharged by climate change. These can have sudden, devastating consequences for local habitats and ecosystems, while the rise in global temperatures is putting long-term stress on iconic places like the Great Barrier Reef.

Our national environment law doesn’t directly address climate change – but it should.

Escalating climate change is harming our environment in many ways, and poses a significant threat to the very plants, animals and places our environment law is supposed to protect. Under the law, high-polluting projects keep getting federal environmental approval, meaning coal and gas corporations are still getting away with building projects that further pollute our air, waterways and atmosphere and drive more harmful climate change.

It’s time to #CleanUpTheAct, and put the protection of a safe and liveable climate at the heart of our national environment law.

The Albanese Government has acknowledged our environment law is in need of fundamental reform, and promised to do so before the last election. Since then, the government has given the green light to four additional fossil fuel projects, with at least 21 more waiting to be approved.

We need a strong national environment law that properly shields our communities, wildlife, and nature from further catastrophic climate impacts. If you agree, start a conversation about fixing our national environment laws with your MP today.

Tips for Talking to your MP:

What to do before your conversation or email:

Learn what you can about the MP and their position on climate change, energy or the environment. Often their parliamentary biography or personal website will have useful information on this.

Prepare your message:

If you are calling your MP, we recommend jotting down three key points you’d like to make during your conversation. Refer to our key conversation guide above, or read our explainer on Australia’s national environment law and how to fix it.

During your conversation or email:

Whether you are calling or emailing your MP, remember the following: 

  • Be yourself: it’s important to be genuine. Don’t worry about having a highly polished message – just relax, be polite and speak from the heart.
  • Remember your key points: it helps to be clear and concise.
  • Tell your story: talk about why strong action on climate change and protecting our natural environment is important for you – such as with examples of the natural places which are special to you. This strengthens and personalises your message.
  • Be respectful: no matter the position of the MP, remember to be respectful to them and their staff.
  • Stay on message: it’s easy to get distracted – if you go off on a tangent, find a way to come back to your key points.
  • Be concise: MPs are often very busy, so try to make your point succinctly. Don’t know the answer? That’s ok. Say you’ll get back to them with the answer.

Ask for their support: ask your MP if you can count on their support for a stronger national environment law, one that puts a safe and liveable climate at its heart. If they say they will support this, ask them to speak with their colleagues to help deliver this

Following the call or email:

Thank the MP: send them an email or letter, thanking them for the conversation and reminding them of any commitment they may have made to you.

Keep in touch: if you see an interesting article, forward it to the MP to keep yourself (and climate action) in their mind.

Ready to contact your MP? Use our tool to email your MP today, or click here to find your representative and their contact details. 

Other ways to join the campaign:

Want to learn more about Australia’s National Environment Law, and how we can fix it? 

Check out our explainer: EPBC: Everything you need to know about fixing Australia’s National Environment Law

Or join the wave of momentum for action, and sign the petition calling on the Federal Government to #CleanUpTheAct and put a safe and liveable climate at the heart of our national environment law.

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